CALL FOR WORKS: ISCM World New Music Days 2015

The International Society of Contemporary Music World New Music Days 2015 will take place in Slovenia from 26 September to 1 October 2015.

As a member of ISCM, CANZ will submit six works by six CANZ members for consideration for performance at the festival. You may submit up to 2 works to CANZ for consideration.

DEADLINE for submission to CANZ for consideration: Thursday 16 October 2014 (receipt of submission).

You may also enter works as an individual directly to ISCM for consideration, however this incurs an entry fee of 50 Euro. Please see the following website for details about making individual submissions: http://

According to the regulations issued by ISCM, preference will be given to shorter compositions, and to pieces composed in, or after, 2007. Only one work per composer can be submitted for a given ISCM-WMD Festival, whether through the official or individual submissions.

For submission to CANZ for consideration, please send the following materials electronically to CANZ Committee member Samuel Holloway at with the subject line ‘ISCM 2015 Submission':

• PDF version of the score/description, or in the case of compositions/projects without a written score – audio/video documentation
• Wherever possible, an audio or video recording of the work
• Proof of nationality of the composer (PDF copy of passport)
• Current photograph of the composer (jpeg or similar)

Please also include the following as a single text file:

• A short biography of the composer in English (max 150 words)
• Programme notes of the submitted work in English (max 150 words)
• Technical rider with the specification of all equipment that is necessary to perform the work
• Website of the composer or the publisher if available
• Statement of which category the work fits (see categories list below)


1. Symphony orchestra (with or without choir, with or without soloist) 
(2+1.2+1.2+1.2+1.- timp.perc4-pno-org-harp-strings)
2. String orchestra, duration max. 15 min
3. Big band – Jazz orchestra duration max. 8 min
4. Mixed choir duration max. 8 min
5. Youth choir duration max. 8 min
6. Brass ensemble duration max. 10 min
7. String Quartet duration max. 10 min
8. Wind Quintet duration max. 10 min
9. Brass Quintet duration max. 10 min
10. Saxophone Quartet duration max. 10 min
11. Percussion Ensemble – up to 7 instrumentalists duration max. 10 min
12. Trio: horn, trombone, tuba duration max. 10 min
13. Military Wind Orchestra (Picc-1 Fl-3(alto fl, bass fl) Ob-1(EHorn) EbCl-1 BbCl-8 ACl-1 BCl-1 CbCl-1 Bsn-1 
ASx-1(Ssax) TSx-1 BSx-1 | Hn-4 Tpt-5(flug) Tbn-2 BTbn-1 Euph-2 Tuba-2 | DB-1 El.Guit Pno Timp Drum Set Perc-2) duration max. 15 min
14. Pieces for solo instruments and various chamber ensembles up to 15 musicians with or without soloists (any combination from the list is possible but not more than two soloist per piece) duration max 10 min
· voices (Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass)
· instruments (any combination from the list is possible): – – 4perc – 4pno – org – 3hp – 3guit –
15. Intermedia projects, installations, performances (Pre-recorded only, combination with live performers is 
possible. A list of the equipment available to composers for the performance of their works is available on the World Music Days 2015 website: Composers are themselves responsible for providing any additional equipment that is not included on this list.) duration max. 15 min

n.b. the listed instruments are standard instruments, but the use of non-standard instruments is possible (additional expenses covered by the submitter).

CALL FOR SCORES: ACL Young Composer Awards, Conference & Festival, Philippines 2015 – UPDATED

CANZ members are invited to submit up to two (2) works for consideration for performance at the 33rd ACL International Festival and Conference in the Philippines, 5-12 November 2015.

All required materials (see below) should be sent to CANZ before Friday 22nd August and these will be forwarded for consideration.

Please note works must have been composed within the last four years.

Together with your entry (score; recording in mp3, if any), please submit the following:
a. Biography (max. 100 words)
b. Email address, telephone number, address
c. Programme notes
 (max. 150 words)
d. Duration of the piece
e. Photo (min. 300 dpi)

Entries must be received at the address below before Friday 22nd August.
PO Box 4065
Wellington 6140

Likha-Likas: Reconfiguring Music, Nature, and Myth

1. Multi-Media: Music for ritual or drama (e.g. puppet play). May use multi-percussions including gongs and bamboos, found objects like stones, seeds, or other materials like bottles, metal caps, ceramics. May include dance (1-3 dancers), chanter (s),visual elements, and audience participation. Up to 7 -performers. Open to any notation – graphics; words; any form of instruction. Duration: max. 7 minutes.

2. Electronic/Computer Music (Motion/movement-inspired). Open for ‘on-the-spot interaction’ with dancers and audiences. Duration: max. 10 minutes.

3. Chamber music ensemble using any standard Western instruments. May include an Asian instrument.* Up to 11 performers. Duration: max. 7 minutes.

4. Young Composers Prize using standard Western instruments. May include an Asian instrument.* Up to 6 performers. Duration: max. 7 minutes

NOTE: Eligible members (those born after 5 November 1985) of the Composers Association of New Zealand are invited to submit a work for consideration for next year’s Young Composer Prize at ACL. Based on these submissions, CANZ will select one composer to represent New Zealand.

5. Choral music for adult choir. Duration: max. 8 minutes.

6. Art Song for voice and piano. Duration: max. 6 minutes.

7. Ethnic-Pop using voice(s) and standard pop band instruments (drums, electric guitars, keyboard) mixed with Asian instruments. Open to cipher/letter name chord notation. Up to 7 performers. Duration: max. 7 minutes.

8. Symphonic Band for Piccolo (1), Fl (1,2), Oboe (1,2/Eng Horn), Bsn (1,2), Clarinet in Eb, Clarinet in Bb (1,2,3), Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax (1,2), Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Horns in F (1,2,3,4), Trumpet (1,2,3), Tenor Trombone 1,2), Bass Trombone, Baritone Euphonium, Tuba, Double Bass, Timpani (set of 4), Percussions (1,2,3,4). Duration: max. 7 minutes.

9. Large Orchestra for flutes (1,2,3—3rd, piccolo), oboes (1,2,3—3rd, English horn), clarinets (1,2,3—3rd as Eb Clarinet or bass), bassoons (1,2,3—3rd as contrabassoon, horns (1,2,3,4), trumpets (1,2,3), trombones (1,2), bass trombone, 1 tuba, percussions for 4 players, piano, strings (8,8,6,6,4). Duration: max. 7 minutes.

* The composer will be responsible for ALL expenses of the Asian instrument/s and its performer/s.

Composers, musicologists, researchers and exponents of contemporary music in Asia are invited to participate in conference sessions. ACL welcomes proposals for paper presentations and plenary sessions on one or several topics on the theme: Likha-Likas: Reconfiguring Music, Nature, and Myth.

Please send an abstract of no more than 150 words, along with a short biography (about 100 words, maximum) of the proponent to on or before November 21, 2014.

Call for Scores – 15 Minutes of Fame

The Malaysian Composers Collective invites submissions of an original work for:

15 Minutes of Fame
15 one-minute piano works + 15 one-minute short films:

What: We are inviting composers from Malaysia and ACL to compose a one-minute piano work for the project. The selected pieces will be performed by a Malaysian pianist and will go on to inspire Malaysian film artists to create a one-minute short film to the music soundtrack.

The 15 completed films will be broadcast in the fourth quarter of 2014 on various online platforms, and will be made available for further screenings at events and festivals.

The objective of the films is to raise awareness of the dangers of climate change, especially in light of the current water crisis and environmental disaster known as the haze, both of which are related to the man-made forest fires that Malaysia will likely face again this year. There can be no life without water.

Theme: Water + Fire

The composer is free to choose any aspect of the theme and/or the elements, and interpret it in any manner seen fit, literally or metaphorically, or based on any related inspiration.

Submission details:

New work for solo piano, duration exactly 1 minute (60 seconds). Playing inside the piano is permitted, but with no preparation of the piano.

Use of tape playback is permitted, but composer must furnish the finished audio file in digital (wav) form when your piece is selected.

Composers may send as many entries as they please, but only one will be selected. Multiple pieces must be stand alone and not dependent on the other.

Submission must include:

1) score in pdf format with programme notes
2) simple rough audio recording of the work(s) (can be made using handphone or simple audio recorders and submitted in compressed mp3, wma or similar digital format no more than 1.5 Mb in size)
3) photo and bio of composer
4) accompanying tape part, if any, to be submitted only after confirmation of selection
5) completed entry form (below)

Send to:

Deadline for submission: 31 July 2014

Pre-submission: Composers interested to participate are encouraged to send their entry form in advance, starting from the date of this notice. This will allow us to keep track of your submission and update you directly of any announcements.

Terms and conditions:

By submitting an entry you are agreeing with the terms of participation as follows:

1. The organisers reserve the right to accept or reject submissions

2. The composer agrees to furnish full copyright of the submitted work to the organisers for use in this project and its related activities such as additional screenings and concerts, and for subsequent use of in promotional, educational or non-commercial t activities related to the project or in general promotional efforts of the organisers.


This project is co-organised by Malaysian Composers Collective and Popfolio. Funded by the Selangor government.


Expressions of interest for Resident Composer(s) at the Lilburn Residence

The former residence of Douglas Lilburn in Thorndon, Wellington has, for the last nine years, been managed as a residence for composers by the Lilburn Residence Trust. Priority has been given to making the house available to the Creative New Zealand/Jack C. Richards Composer-in-Residence at the New Zealand School of Music.

In 2014–15, however, this position is to be held by David Long, a Wellington-based composer who does not require use of the house. The Trustees have therefore decided to follow the same procedure as in 2007–8 when this situation last eventuated and invite proposals from another composer (or composers) for the purpose of pursuing projects that would benefit from being undertaken in this special environment and would contribute to the corpus of New Zealand music.

The Trust is not in a position to pay a stipend, but it provides the house free of rates, insurance and other maintenance items. The resident pays for the costs of normal utilities such as electricity, telephone and Internet services, plus a nominal rental of between $100– 150 per week (to be determined) to help the Trust meet maintenance and other expenses. On this occasion the house will be available from 15 September 2014 until at least early June 2015.

Applications are accordingly invited from New Zealand-born or resident composers who are professionally active and have an appropriate record of recent achievement. Applications for the whole or part of the available period will be considered. Examples of work are not required at this stage; they may however be requested by the expert panel assessing the applications. This panel will include a representative from CANZ and will make recommendations to the Board of the Trust.

The application document should contain the following:

  • a full CV, including full contact details
  • a cover letter outlining the period of residency you wish to apply for (you may specify a preferred duration only, if you are flexible as to your start and end dates), and the work that you expect to undertake during that period
  • confirmation that you are a New Zealand resident or hold a New Zealand passport

    NB: you do not need to provide examples of work at this stage

    Please post or email your proposal no later than FRIDAY 27 JUNE 2014 to:

    Lilburn Residence Trust
    PO Box 27347
    Marion Square
    Wellington 6141

    Ph: +64 4 463 7456 / +64 21 211 0138

  • Gallipoli Songs competition

    ABC Classic FM and Radio New Zealand Concert extend an invitation to Australian and New Zealand composers to submit a new vocal composition that sets words from texts written by participants in the Gallipoli campaign. See for further information (instrumentation, duration etc. are explained in the entry form).

    Creative New Zealand want your feedback on online reporting tools

    (from Creative New Zealand:)

    We want to make our online tools easier for clients to use when reporting to us about the things we fund. We need your help to make this happen. You will go into the draw for one of four $50 book vouchers.

    Over the next three months we will be making it easier and faster for people to find what they need while they are reporting.

    We need your help to:

    • find where the problems are
    • test some new ideas we have about how to organise information better in the system.


    We’d appreciate five minutes of your time to do an online test. This will help to make reporting to Creative New Zealand easier, plus you will go into the draw for one of four $50 book vouchers.

    Take the online test (5 mins)

    Thank you
    Creative New Zealand

    2014 ACL Festival in Japan

    CANZ is pleased to announce that Alex Taylor has been selected as NZ’s Young Composer representative at this year’s ACL Festival in Tokyo.

    CANZ would also like to congratulate members Jack Body and Fritha Jameson, whose work has been selected for performance at this year’s ACL Festival.

    Programme details for the Festival are available here