Sponsors and Partners


CANZ receives support from:

  • Creative New Zealand  Creative New Zealand encourages, promotes and supports the arts in New Zealand for the benefit of all New Zealanders through funding, capability building, their international programme and advocacy. Creative New Zealand is a Crown entity governed by the Arts Council. The council encourages, promotes and supports New Zealand arts to benefit all New Zealanders. It upholds the right to artistic freedom and promotes a New Zealand identity in the arts.
  • Lilburn Trust  The Lilburn Trust was established by Douglas Lilburn in 1984. It is administered as a charitable trust under the Alexander Turnbull Library Endowment Trust and is well-known for funding the Lilburn Trust Student Composition and Performance Awards at five universities throughout New Zealand. The Trust also makes awards to individuals who have given outstanding service to New Zealand music, as well as supporting many other projects in New Zealand music.
  • Nicholas Tarling Charitable Trust


Member Organisations

  • International Society for Contemporary Music (ICSM) The International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) is a premier forum for the advancement, dissemination and interchange of new music from around the world. Through ISCM, our members promote contemporary music in all its varied forms, strengthening musical life in their local contexts and making their music and its creators known to world.
  • Asian Composers League (ACL)   The Asian Composers League (ACL) is the most vibrant and active contemporary music organization in the Asia-Pacific region today. It was established in 1973 by leading composers from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea.  Its primary objectives are to promote, preserve, and develop the musical cultures of the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in the field of music composition; and to further interests of composers in the Asia-Pacific region through representation and negotiation, and to achieve recognition of their rights in national and international law.
  • ISCM/ACL 2022   Te Rōpū Kaitito Puoro o Aotearoa//The Composers Association of New Zealand (CANZ) will proudly host the postponed ISCM World New Music Days in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland and Ōtautahi Christchurch in August 2022. The festival will include concerts by professional orchestras and ensembles, informal ensembles and collaborations, taonga puoro practitioners, visiting ensembles from the Pacific region, and soloists. Concurrently, with the latter part of the ISCM WNMDs, we will host an Asian Composers League (ACL) festival. The music featured throughout this double festival will include new and innovative works from across the international membership of the ISCM and ACL, alongside a rich and varied array of recent music from Aotearoa.



  • Australasian Performing Right Association APRA AMCOS is a music rights management organisation. They pay royalties to music creators when their music is played or copied, both locally and overseas. Over 111,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers appoint APRA AMCOS to look after certain rights on their behalf. This means organisations don’t have to contact individual music creators to legally use their music. They license organisations to play or copy music. If you’re a business or organisation you can buy a licence from APRA AMCOS to play, perform, copy, record or make available their music. They then pay the royalties to their members and overseas affiliated societies. APRA AMCOS advocates for members’ rights. From government submissions through to their awards program, they promote the importance of music creators’ rights to all levels of government, the media and the wider community. They represent your music globally. As an APRA AMCOS member, you enjoy global representation for your music rights. APRA AMCOS has agreements with similar organisations around the world. So when your music is used in another territory, their affiliates collect money on your behalf. Those affiliates then pay these royalties to APRA AMCOS, and they pay you.
  • SOUNZ (Centre for NZ Music) SOUNZ champions and promotes the sounds and music of Aotearoa New Zealand. SOUNZ are the only arts and music organisation of our kind working in the digital space to create and make available on their platforms the sounds, music and stories about the music of Aotearoa New Zealand. They have operated as a Wellington-based, national organisation since 1991. Their team is small, multi-skilled and highly productive. They rely on the generous funding of government, industry organisations, trusts and foundations to make their work possible.
  • Radio New Zealand (RNZ)  RNZ (Radio New Zealand) is New Zealand’s independent public service multimedia organisation and is a Crown entity established under the Radio New Zealand Act 1995. RNZ provides audiences with trusted and independent news and current affairs, a range of diverse programmes, podcasts and series both on-air and online in accordance with the Radio New Zealand Charter. RNZ broadcasts over three nationwide networks; RNZ National, RNZ Concert and the AM network which relays Parliamentary proceedings. RNZ National and Concert are funded by New Zealand On Air. RNZ Concert is New Zealand’s unique fine music network, showcasing music and composition including live music performances as well as providing related news and current affairs both on-air and online. As a publicly funded media outlet guided by the Radio New Zealand Charter, RNZ Concert’s role is to entertain and inform a broad range of New Zealanders, and to support and reflect the evolution of New Zealand’s music, arts and culture communities. RNZ Concert documents and shares New Zealand performances and compositions, giving the music community a place and a voice for their work. Concert is the pre-eminent live music media organisation in the country, recording and transmitting hundreds of live music performances each year, and providing substantial coverage of music and arts events.
  • Soundcheck Aotearoa  SoundCheck Aotearoa is an action group formed in 2020 with a mission to foster a safe and inclusive culture for the music community. They believe that action is needed to address inequitable representation, challenge systemic discrimination, and advance impactful change across the music industry, and are looking at ways to work together across the music community to achieve this. In recognition of Māori as tangata whenua of Aotearoa and as partners of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, they are working with Māori industry leaders to look at ways in which Te Ao Māori can contribute to the work on these wider issues, along with considering the unique challenges facing Māori within the industry.


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CANZ is a non-profit organisation, funded primarily by membership fees and registered with Charities Services. Donations can be made by direct credit to account 38-9011-0486094-00. To obtain a receipt, please contact the treasurer: treasurer@canz.net.nz