5th Solo Harp Composition Contest – 2015

The Composition Contest for the USA International Harp Competition takes place prior to the triennial performance competition. It was established in 2003 to promote the harp as a solo instrument and to encourage composers to write new works for the harp. To date over 250 composers from 40 countries have been Composition Contest participants.

Cash Award: $2,000 USD
Performance: The winning composition will be included in the 2016 USA International Harp
Competition’s required third stage repertoire. It will also be performed by the Gold Medalist at 10th Competition-related debut recitals.
Recording: The winning composition may be included in the CD recording produced by Lyon & Healy Harps for the 10th Competition winner.
Publication: The winning composition will be published by Lyon & Healy Harps.

Duration: 6-8 minutes.
Instrumentation: Solo harp (Other instruments may be included if played by the harpist. Electronics are permitted if no additional personnel are required. Please contact the Composition Contest Chair in advance of submission to be certain that the planned approach will be accepted.)
Eligibility: The work must be unpublished, unawarded and not have been recorded for commercial distribution. Previous Composition Contest winners are not eligible.
Submissions: Online application form, PDF of anonymous score, MP3 recording played by a harpist.

October 30, 2015: Online application form, brief bio, PDF of anonymous score.
November 30, 2015: MP3 recording of submitted work played by a harpist. No digital or midi recordings will be accepted. Please find your harpist early to permit enough preparation time.
January 30, 2016: Winning composition announced.

Dr. Ruth K. Inglefield, Composition Contest Chair: rkinglefield@gmail.com


ensemble mise-en (www.mise-en.org) is very excited to announce a call for scores for mise-en music festival 2016!

Deadline: September 1, 2015 (EST 11:59PM)

Submission Fee: $15 (USD)

The guidelines for the submissions:
1. Applicants may be of any nationality and age.
2. Selected composers must be present at the festival (June 22-25, 2016) in New York City.
3. You may only send one piece per category. Please notice that multiple submissions are welcome, but each must be submitted as a separate entity.
4. Those composers chosen to write new works (CATEGORY #4) will be notified by October 1, 2015. All other composers chosen to participate in the festival will be notified by December 1, 2015.

CATEGORIES (Click one to apply)
1. Mixed Ensemble (2-15 instruments with/without electronics/tape)
2. Solo instrument (with/without electronics/tape)
3. Tape/electronics
4. Proposal for a new piece (flute, clarinet, trombone, piano, violin and contrabass with/without electronics)

IMPORTANT — we will not accept any hard copies or email submissions. All submissions should be made via the following website. (festival.mise-en.org/submission)

Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra – 15th International Composer’s Competition


Theme: A symphonic poem based on intonations and rhythms from Bulgarian folklore

Deadline for scores and sound recordings: August 15th 2015

Those willing to compete can find detailed information and the rules of the competition on the web site of the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra  www.sofiaphilharmonie.bg

First prize $ 5,000
Second prize $ 3,000
Third prize $ 1,000
Encouraging prize $ 500


1. Composers of any nationality without age limit have the right to participate in the competition. The competition is not anonymous.

2. The music pieces must be new and original and must not have been performed, even partially, prior to the competition.

3. There are no restrictions for composers nominated in previous competitions.

4. Each participant may submit only one piece with a total duration of not more than 15 minutes .

5. The works must have strong tonal and rhythmic techniques / syncopated rhythms / characteristic of the Bulgarian folklore.

6. If there is a solo instrument in the composition, the composer is expected to provide the soloist and to pay him/her.

7. Works must comply with a composition of the orchestra no greater than:

2*,2*,2*,2*,- 4,2,3,1-timp.+2, Harp, Pianoforte, Str.


1. Each participant can express his/her willingness to participate in the competition on the e-mail address: sofiaphil@ibn.bg; philharmony.sofia@gmail.com, by sending a brief artistic biography, a photo for publication, an address and a telephone number.

2. The composers participating in the competition must send by August 15th 2015 5 copies of the score and sound recording/instrumental, synthesizer or keyboard/ of his/her work to the following address:

Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra
for the competition in 7/8
1 Benkovski st., 1000 Sofia

3. Musical scores of the nominated works /full set voices duplex printed and glued/ must be submitted to the same address within 20 days after the announcing of the results. The composers who have not submitted their music material in time are eliminated automatically from the final round.


1. Five-member professional jury will nominate the finalists.
The jury’s decision is final and not subject to appeal.
Jury members are not allowed to participate in the competition.

2. Up to four nominated works will be performed at an organized concert-competition of Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra.

3. The election of the winner and runners-up should be done by audience vote at the end of the concert with special bulletins attached to the purchased ticket or to a special invitation.

4. Composers must give the rights for the performance of their composition at this concert, as well as subsequent concert performances and issuing CDs to promote the competition free of charge.

5. Prizes will be awarded on the same evening as the concert.

The symbol * means that an orchestration is permited in which one of the instrumentalists in the group can play more than one instrument in a different order, such as flute – piccolo and /or/ alto flute, oboe – English horn, clarinet- bass clarinet and /or/Eb clarinet, Fagot-Contrafagot .

Note: percussion instruments and keyboards can not be more than two and the piece must be so composed that at any moment a percussionist is playing an instrument and enough time is provided for changing and preparing of the instruments.

In the event that the work can not be performed due to a breach of that condition, due to a written “not playable” elements thereof, or due to failure to comply with the specifics of each instrument, the nominated work is eliminated from the competition.

Singapore Asian Composers Festival 2015 – Call for Scores

The Singapore Asian Composers Festival (SACF) calls for submissions for a three-night event at the Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore (8th-10th Dec 2015). This competition is open to citizens of the Asia-Pacific region (Asia and Oceania). They do not need to be currently residing in the region. Selected composers are required to attend the festival. The festival will include pre-concert talks and other networking opportunities to bring together composers, musicians and the public.

Composers can write for solo or chamber music up to 10 instruments for a maximum duration of 10 minutes. The available instrumentation are 1 Flute, 1 Oboe, 1 Clarinet, 1 Bassoon, 1 French Horn, 1 Piano, 2 Violins, 1 Viola, and 1 Cello. No electronic music would be accepted. Prepared piano is not allowed. Playing inside the piano is restricted to simple techniques such as plucking of strings. Composers can choose to write in either one of the following styles: classical, neo-classical, new age, film music and avant garde.

Works must be world premiere or Singapore premiere and cannot be accessed online. Works cannot be commercially recorded and/or released, and cannot be prize winners at other competitions. About 24 works will be chosen to be performed at the festival. Each submission must be complete by itself and not be part of a larger work. Only one work based on one of four themes can be submitted per composer. For information on themes, please refer to website link below.

All submissions will be judged anonymously. The deadline for submission is 31st July 2015.

Competition details

2015 International Music Composition Competition – Sejong Prize

1. Mission: Traditional Korean music contains many unique elements. The Sejong Music Composition Competition encourages composers to explore these elements and incorporate them into their compositions to create contemporary pieces for Western instruments that evoke Korean themes. Using these pieces in performances, we hope to bring the world of Korean music not only to composers, but performers and listeners, as well. For Sejong Prize Competition, we are looking for high quality Korean-themed pieces that can be performed frequently. Our goal is to encourage composers to write music that is appealing to general public and has clear expression of Korean themes.

2. Competition Rules:
– Eligibility: Open to composers of all ages, all nationalities, and all ethnic backgrounds.
– Judges’ decisions are final.
– Prizes may not be awarded at the judges’ discretion.
– Please keep in mind that we are looking for pieces that can strongly convey Korean themes.

3. Submission Requirements:
– Submit a work for 2-5 instruments chosen from violin, cello, piano, flute, and clarinet that can strongly convey Korean themes and is no more than twelve minutes in length. The piece must contain elements of traditional Korean melodies or rhythm.
– Representative samples of Korean traditional music transcriptions and recordings of traditional Korean instruments can be found on our website as examples.
– The application should include a short paragraph (up to 500 words) that explains how the Korean theme was expressed in the composition.
– The contestant’s entry and application form must be sent as email attachments to sejong@sejongculturalsociety.org.
– The music score must be submitted in a PDF file. Printed scores or other file types will not be accepted.
– Anonymous submission of score: the entrant’s name and contact details must not appear on any page of the score. Having a name on the score will result in disqualification. File names should include the contestant’s name (eg. JohnSmith.pdf)
– First prize winners of the previous competition (2005 Korean-American Music Composition Competition, 2008 International Sejong Music Composition Competition, 2012 Sejong Prize Competition) may not enter this competition.

4. Submission deadline: Jun 30th, 2015 (*No application fee)

5. Winners and prizes: First place $2,000; Honorable Mentions (2-3) $500
In addition, the winning entries will be performed for recording, may be submitted for publication of music scores or performance of the music to be broadcasted by television and radio stations.

6. Judging Criteria: Works will be judged based on originality, technique, and use of Korean themes

7. For more information:
Visit our website at www.sejongculturalsociety.org or email us at sejong@sejongculturalsociety.org.

CALL FOR PAPERS The Enterprise of Musicology: Trends in our New Age

The East Asian Regional Association of the International Musicological Society (IMS-EA) have announced a call for papers for ‘The Enterprise of Musicology: Trends in our New Age’ to be held in Hong Kong, 4-6 December 2015.

Deadline: 10 April 2015

Musical and musicological trends are ever changing with evolving sociological, economic, and political climates; at the same time, trends can also be geographic-specific. IMS East Asia 2015 sets out to examine current trends of musicological thoughts, and in particular, ‘Asian trends’ – if such a phenomenon could be discerned. Asian countries are some of the fastest growing in the world: in technology, in science, in cultural development, and in educational innovation. Are such elements influential factors in musicological trends in Asia and world-wide?

Read more at http://www.imsea2015.org/



Mauricio Kagel Composition Competition – Piano Pieces for Children

The competition is held by the Institut Ludwig van Beethoven at the Music University Vienna. It is looking for piano pieces written for children and young adults which, although limited in their technical difficulty, remain uncompromising in their artistic aim; pieces written with a contemporary compositional technique which offer the young student stimulus, insight and new experiences: experiences about oneself and the world in which we live.

Invited are composers under the age of 40 and participation deadline is 15th August 2015. The total prize pool is € 10´000.

For further information/registration, please refer to the following links.

The East Asian Regional Association of the International Musicological Society

The Enterprise of Musicology: Trends in our New Age
Hong Kong, 4-6 December 2015 (Submission Deadline: 10 April 2015)

Musical and musicological trends are ever changing with evolving sociological, economic, and political climates; at the same time, trends can also be geographic-specific. IMS East Asia 2015 sets out to examine current trends of musicological thoughts, and in particular, ‘Asian trends’ – if such a phenomenon could be discerned. Asian countries are some of the fastest growing in the world: in technology, in science, in cultural development, and in educational innovation. Are such elements influential factors in musicological trends in Asia and world-wide?

IMSEA 2015 would like to call for papers to brainstorm themes associated with such thoughts; they could embrace:

• New approaches to music performance
• Interdisciplinary, and multi-disciplinary practices
• Concepts and histories of music theory
• Technology in music
• Science(s) of music and music-practice
• Practice as research/performance-based research
• Asian studies
• Orientalism
• Popular music in East Asia
• The musician as creative entrepreneur

Abstract Submission Guide

DEADLINE: Friday, April 10, 21:00 (UTC+8). To avoid online problems, please submit at least 24 hours before the deadline.

AUTHOR NOTIFICATION: Friday, May 15, 2015.

PARTICIPATION: Faculty, graduate students, and independent scholars are all welcome. An individual may submit no more than one proposal in each category.

PANEL: Among the categories, panels are especially encouraged, in particular those with researchers from different regions/disciplines. The organizer of a panel should act as the corresponding author and submit the proposal as a package that includes the abstracts of each paper as well as a rationale of the whole.

LENGTH: Max. 250 words for each abstract or rationale.


ENCODING: Only plain text without any formatting.

SUBMISSION: Only online through the following links (accessible during the submission period stated above); submissions by post or by e-mail are not accepted. Each abstract should include its author’s name, institutional affiliation, telephone number, and email address. PLEASE FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS IN THE FORMS CAREFULLY.

1. Panel Session: 90-min./3-papers or 120-min./4-papers; panels with researchers from different regions or disciplines are encouraged.
2. Individual Paper: 20-minute report followed by 10-minute discussion.

Website: http://www.imsea2015.org/

For any enquiries, please contact us at imsea2015@gmail.com.

Arizona Pro Arte – Call for Scores

Have your work featured at Arizona Pro Arte’s September 19, 2015 concert. The winning works will be performed with our musicians, and original choreography and dancers from ELEVATE DanceWorks.

Submissions may consist of any combination of standard orchestral instruments up to eight (8) performers plus prerecorded tape/audio track. Of the performers, a maximum of two may be percussionists. A maximum of one piano may be utilized. Entries with harp will be considered.

Deadline: April 3, 2015

No Application Fee or Eligibility Restrictions

Further details can be found at: http://www.azproarte.com/call-for-scores/


Creative New Zealand: Calls for proposals for Te Manu Ka Tau 2015 Showcases

Deadline Monday 1 December

Creative New Zealand in association with the Auckland Arts Festival is calling for proposals from theatre, dance, music and cross artform companies and artists to showcase work for international presenters. This will take place during the Auckland Arts Festival, 7 – 14 March 2015 as part of Creative New Zealand’s annual Te Manu Ka Tau programme

Showcases will be held in both Auckland and Wellington, depending on the home base of successful companies/artists.

Current possible showcase dates are:

Auckland: Monday 9, Tuesday 10, Wednesday 11 March
Wellington: Thursday 12 and Friday 13 March

Final dates will be confirmed after TMKT guest’s schedules are finalised.

Costs associated with your showcase will not be eligible for additional funding from either Creative New Zealand or the Auckland Arts Festival, but a venue and some technical support may be provided.

Artists and organisations must be able to provide up to 20 minutes of a work that is complete and ready for touring. We are looking to provide some central city venues, so that our international manuhiri can experience as many showcases as possible within a limited time-frame. However, if you have specific venue requirements or wish to present in your own rehearsal rooms please include this in your proposal.

We will also consider pitches for works that are in development, depending on available time, especially if the works have an Asian partner or are wishing to find a presenter in Asia. Please include any Asian connection in your proposal and your reasons for wishing to engage with Asia.

The opportunity to submit a proposal closes at 5pm on Monday 1 December 2014 and decisions will be made by Friday 19 December. Late proposals will not be accepted. The proposals will be assessed by a panel made up of Creative New Zealand staff, the Auckland Arts Festival Artistic Director, the New Zealand Festival Artistic Director and at least one independent industry representative.


The company must be a Creative New Zealand client; for example previously or currently funded though the Toi Tōtara Haemata, Toi Uru Kahikatea or Arts Grants/Quick Response funding processes.
The company must provide evidence of national and/or international touring experience and have suitable work appropriate for international markets.
The company must be available for touring in 2015 and 2016.
The company must have the rights to tour the work internationally.
The work to be showcased must be described fully (synopsis, story board and/or DVD, YouTube links provided) and evidence of availability of artists to perform in the showcase must be confirmed in writing.
The work to be showcased should be a completed work that has already been presented, is about to be presented, or is a work in development that has been well progressed. Key company personnel other than performers, for example director and producer, must be available to attend and speak to the work via a Q and A process.
Companies must be aware that although a venue will be provided, the venue will come with limited production facilities for showcases so the company/artist will need to cover the costs of any specialist equipment.

Support material

The proposal should include; name of the work, art form, stage of development, previous performances, if any, a description of the intended audience for work and reasons for wishing to tour internationally, and in which markets.
The proposal should be brief and to the point.
Reviews or critical commentary should be attached to the proposal, which should be no more than four A4 pages. Please do NOT attach lengthy CVs or bulky back ground paper-based information. Support letters from other Festival directors and venue presenters are useful.
YouTube or vimeo is the preferred visual support material.
Expressions of interest can be submitted electronically, but if any information is missing from the proposal as outlined above, your proposal will not be considered.


Can be electronic or hard copy. Electronic is preferred
Must arrive by 5pm on Monday 1 December 2014

Sent to Sally Woodfield, Te Manu Ka Tau Administrator, sally.woodfield@aaf.co.nz
PO Box 5419, Wellesley St, Auckland 1140

Invited Guests

In 2015 we hope to welcome a variety of Festival presenters, venue programmers and producers from: